Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Potential BCS Busts


When filling out your bracket, there are always those higher-seeded teams that are going to be upset early and ruin your predictions. It would be nice to know which clubs are the ones bowing out in the first couple of rounds. Teams that struggled down the stretch or have inflated records are prime examples of these types of busts. Here are the top six potentially overrated squads:

Vanderbilt: If the Commodores were a six seed, I would possibly say they were a sleeper. But they are by far the worst No. 4 seed in the field. They haven’t proven the ability to win away from home, and they lack scorers outside of Shan Foster and A.J. Ogilvy.

The Badgers have played great basketball over the past three months – but they are going to have a tough time advancing. They don’t have a lot of offensive firepower and have the toughest road to the Elite Eight of any No. 3 seed.

Pittsburgh: A lot of people are on the Panthers’ bandwagon after their Big East title run. However, I’m still not sold on this team. They don’t have a ton of size or depth up front, and they are inconsistent offensively. The defense isn’t the same as it used to be, either.

Duke: The Blue Devils could be an early out. They don’t lack the athletes they have in previous years, but they lack a big guy in a major way. Furthermore, they rely on the three way too much; take that away, and Duke will go down.

Notre Dame: The Irish simply don’t have the look of a team ready to make a run. They will face two teams that play excellent defense and slow the game down in George Mason and Washington State, which is when ND struggles.

Georgetown: Although the Hoyas have been one of the better NCAA Tournament teams in the past couple of years, I’m not sure they are explosive enough offensively to beat elite-level teams, and teams who can neutralize Roy Hibbert can beat them.

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  1. I don't agree with much of your analysis, but this was spot on.