Monday, March 17, 2008

Top 20 Three-Point Shooters


Going towards a national championship, a team is going to hit some obstacles. Having a long-distance gunner lessens some of those roadblocks. If a team zones you, the shooter takes it away by shooting right over the top of it. Plus, a consistent player that can hit the three enables you to make up points in a hurry. Here are 20 of the best long-range shooters in the land:

1. Shan Foster, Vanderbilt
2. Stephen Curry, Davidson
3. Garrison Carr, American
4. Chris Lofton, Tennessee
5. Kyle McAlarney, Notre Dame
6. Pete Campbell, Butler

7. Ryan Wittman, Cornell
8. Jack McClinton, Miami (Fl.)
9. Josh Young, Drake
10. Jonathan Wallace, Georgetown
11. Demetric Bennett, South Alabama
12. Alex Ruoff, West Virginia
13. Armon Bassett, Indiana
14. B.J. Raymond, Xavier
15. Drew Neitzel, Michigan State
16. Tyler Teideman, Boise State
17. Greg Paulus, Duke
18. Terrence Oglesby, Clemson
19. LaceDarius Dunn, Baylor
20. Brandon Rush, Kansas


  1. Is this a joke? Either you misspelled WAYNE ELLINGTON horribly, or you wrote this after a st pattys binge

  2. I have Ellington instead of Dunn, but it won't show up on the site...calm down.

    He's still near the bottom of the top-20 though.

  3. Wow. Don't ever Post another article again. you obviously don't know what your talking about. BYU's Jonathon Tavernari is the best 3 point shooter in the entire tourney. You'll see.

  4. You're right...that 3-for-9 performance in the first-round should have been enough to get him into the top-five. Combine that with his 37.6 percentage over the course of the season, and I don't know what I was thinking.

    Get real; he's not even the best shooter on his team, not by a long shot (no pun intended).

  5. What about craig Moore from northwestern. Dude is nice from beyond the arc.

  6. terrence oglsby is deserving of the top three point shooters in the country. He is a very clutch player, as we saw in the Maryland game. He will become even better in his next 3 years at Clemson