Sunday, January 6, 2008

Power Sweet Sixteen Rankings

As we did last year, tonight marks the annual debut of the March Madness All Season Power Rankings. Every Sunday until we begin to release full weekly brackets in February, March Madness All Season will be making a Power Sweet Sixteen Ranking. It differs from the the normal weekly top-25 rankings as this takes RPI, SOS, quality wins, etc. into account as opposed to the "Who didn't lose this week?" mentality of the polls. Anyway, here is the inaugural ranking for 2008:

- Standard bracketing rules apply (no two teams from the same conference in the same half-bracket, etc.)
- Numbers in parenthesis next to the team indicate what 1-16 ranking it is

Charlotte Region:
1. North Carolina (2)
2. Michigan State (7)
3. Texas (10)
4. Rhode Island (16)

Detroit Region:
1. Memphis (1)
2. Vanderbilt (8)
3. Butler (9)
4. Texas A&M (14)

Houston Region:
1. Kansas (3)
2. UCLA (6)
3. Mississippi (11)
4. Wisconsin (15)

Phoenix Region:
1. Tennessee (4)
2. Washington State (5)
3. Dayton (12)
4. Duke (13)

17th Team: Indiana (poor SOS, no standout wins)

Others Considered: Clemson (1 win vs. top-100), Marquette (2-2 vs. top-100), Georgetown (1 win vs. top-100), Pittsburgh (2-2 vs. top-100)

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