Sunday, January 20, 2008

Power Sweet Sixteen Rankings

Wow, what a week in college basketball. Everyone expects surprising things to occur during conference play, but this? 13 teams in the top-25 fell this past week, including seven teams in March Madness All Season's Power Sweet Sixteen Rankings. Of course, that will lead to a major shake-up in this week's rankings, but who will move where? Who will drop out and who will get their first taste of the Rankings? I will post the rankings every Sunday until I begin to release complete brackets in February.

- Standard bracketing rules apply (no two teams from the same conference in the same half-bracket, etc.)

- Numbers in parenthesis next to the team indicate what 1-16 ranking they are

Charlotte Region:
1. North Carolina (4)
2. UCLA (6)
3. Indiana (12)
4. Pittsburgh (13)

Detroit Region:
1. Memphis (1)
2. Washington State (8)
3. Wisconsin (9)
4. Vanderbilt (16)

Houston Region:
1. Kansas (2)
2. Michigan State (7)
3. Texas (10)
4. St. Mary's (15)

Phoenix Region:
1. Tennessee (3)
2. Duke (5)
3. Georgetown (11)
4. Dayton (14)

17th Team: Butler

Others Considered: Xavier, Gonzaga, Drake, Massachusetts, Texas A&M, Villanova

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