Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wiggins Leaves UConn

As rumored earlier in the week, Connecticut sophomore guard Doug Wiggins asked for a release from his scholarship and will transfer. "I completely respect Doug's decision," head coach Jim Calhoun said in a statement. "He has contributed to many successes for us in his time here. We will do everything we can to help him finish school in good standing this semester and move on to a place where he will be happy." East Hartford High coach Anthony Menard said Wiggins wants to move to a place more suitable to his style of play. "It was a good experience for him," Menard said. "He respects Coach Calhoun, loves UConn, but the bottom line is he wants to play." As for Wiggins' next destination, Menard said it's less about the size of the program and more about the playing time. "It doesn't matter what the front of the jersey says to Doug anymore," he said. "It's about being at the right program. It's just about finding the right fit." Wiggins had a tumultuous career in Storrs. He failed two drug tests, and was suspended on two separate occasions. He averaged 6.7 points and 2.7 rebounds per game this past season.

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