Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bracket Performance

With the NCAA Tournament field finally selected, all the time myself and other bracketologists put towards projecting the Big Dance finally paid off and was put to the test. How did I do?

Teams Correct: 64 out of 65
Teams Seeded Exactly Right: 29 of 65
Teams On/Within One Seed Line: 62 of 65

I'll have performance analysis on some other notable bracketologists later tonight. But I'll let you know one thing: I did (a lot) better than Joe Lunardi...again.

Here's a link to a breakdown and ranking of 61 bracketology sites and their final projected brackets...March Madness All Season finished 11th.


  1. Jeff, here I was thinking I had had an amazing day...and then I see you beat me by one! Great going. Surprised to see how "poorly" the major media guys did this year, although in general it seemed like everyone did pretty well.

    Congrats & enjoy the Tournament.

  2. David, congrats to you too. Nice to see that you got all 65 teams right -- you really thought Arizona had a better resume than Saint Mary's, Creighton and San Diego State? Or did you just have a feeling the committee was going to pick that?

    I'm disappointed with my mediocre "exact seed" showing, but I'll take 63 of 65 teams within one seed line any day of the week. I think my "Paymon Score" or whatever that is called, was like, 313 or something.

  3. Jeff, I did not think that Arizona had a better resume. But our job isn't to tell the world who we think should get in...unless the Committee decides to leave one rotating seat open for a bracket prognosticator!

    When I woke up this morning after all the carnage in the Pac-10, A-10, and Mountain West last night, I didn't think there was any way the Committee would leave home a team with so many good wins. SDSU's profile looked a lot weaker when you considered that a) SMC and Arizona had beaten them AND three of their "good wins" over UNLV were no longer against a tournament team.

  4. That's true...that's why I was nervous about leaving out Arizona and Penn State -- they just had so many good wins.

    On the other hand, I thought the committee would reward one of those three non-BCS teams with a bid.

    Oh's on to match-ups and actual games. It's going to be a great three weeks no matter what (unless Arizona gets destroyed by Utah in the first-round, then we're going to re-visit this discussion again).