Monday, March 23, 2009

Seven Figures

Since I began March Madness All Season in February of 2005, it's never really been about the number of hits or page views or unique visitors or anything like that. However, earlier today, I reached what I think is a fairly decent milestone: one million hits.

This blog started out as nothing but a way to get my college basketball analysis online, but March Madness All Season has been part of the vast network since the fall of 2005, and yours truly has appeared on dozens of radio shows and been interviewed by media outlets on numerous occasions.

It would be nothing without the support of my loyal users, so I appreciate all the visits and consistent audience I am provided with. I guess it's only fitting that I reached one million hits in the best college basketball month of the year, March.

Well, why slow down now? Continue to come back for the best college basketball analysis on the web, and you may be in store for a few changes and surprises in a few months. Thanks again.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Jeff,

    I don't follow college hoops at all, but I stumbled upon your blog while doing a little bit of research for my office pool. I used your top 10 lists to help guide me on my picks, especially for the upsets...I was the only one in my office to pick the Cleveland State & Western Kentucky first-round upsets...i'm leading the pack right now, thanks in large part to your commentary!