Monday, March 23, 2009

Odds and Ends

Starting tomorrow, I will have a complete Sweet Sixteen preview, broken down region-by-region. It will include players to watch, favorites and sleepers, and much more.

Also, how is everyone's bracket doing? My bracket started slow in the first-round, as many of you have told me, and it actually tied my career-worst. I only got 22 first-round picks right, but bounced back with a decent 11 second-round games correct. If you use the typical one point for each first round win and two points for each second-round victory, I would have 44 points. Furthermore, I still have seven Elite Eight teams and all four Final Four teams remaining -- so I have time to make-up some ground. How is everyone else's doing?

It should be a great next two weeks -- exactly 14 days from today, someone will be crowned the new NCAA champion. I can't wait.

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