Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Articles at CHN, NBE Basketball

While March Madness All Season gets most of his original material and articles, Jeff Borzello does contribute at several other websites, including and NBE Basketball Report. Here is a look at some of his articles from the past few days:

"Big East Dance Card": A look at the postseason picture for the Big East Conference. I go through the top 11 teams in the league, assessing their current NCAA Tournament status and what they have to do to either improve their seed, or get to the Big Dance altogether.

" Player of the Week: Jodie Meeks": On the heels of a game-winning three-point against Florida and a 45-point performance against Arkansas, I chose Kentucky's Jodie Meeks as last week's top player. It was his second receiving the honor.

"CHN GameNight: UConn vs. Pittsburgh": A preview of one of the top games of the college basketball season, between two of the top four teams in the country in a battle for Big East and potential top-seed supremacy. Includes a look at both teams, as well as a breakdown of the keys to the game. Of course, my prediction of which team will win was wrong.


  1. Predictably 43 contests and 86 (count em!) different schools and no mention of Memphis-UTEP. Its a conference game but no hype I guess cause Memphis only has a winning streak. Is this the only game you left up involving a top 5 school. Hmmmm I'll bet it is!

  2. I'm not sure what you're trying to say here...but you come off making no sense and you're also completely wrong.

    Memphis-UTEP has no impact on the NCAA Tournament field, and it will only make news if Memphis loses.

    Also, I didn't include UConn-South Florida or Pittsburgh-DePaul, so you're wrong on that account too.

    Did you even read the whole thing?
    Hmmmm I'll bet you didn't!