Friday, October 23, 2009

Conference Rankings


1. Big 12
2. Big Ten
3. ACC
4. Big East
5. SEC
6. Pac-10
7. Atlantic-10
8. Mountain West
9. Conference-USA
10. Missouri Valley
11. WAC
12. Colonial
13. West Coast
14. Horizon
15. MAAC
16. Sun Belt
17. Big West
18. MAC
19. Southern
20. Summit
21. Big Sky
22. Ivy
23. Big South
24. Ohio Valley
25. Southland
26. Patriot
27. America East
28. Northeast
29. Atlantic Sun
30. MEAC
31. SWAC
32. Great West
33. Independents

March Madness All Season will publish its conference previews in reverse order. The 33rd-ranked conference, the Independents, will kick things off Monday.


  1. Hey Jeff

    I have to disagree with your conference rankings. Oklahoma, Kansas and Mizzou are very good Big 12 teams. But are they THAT different from #5 Big Ten? Purdue, Michigan St., Ohio St and Illinios?

    No way Big Ten is all the way down to #5. They often get set aside due to their style of play. Do teams put up 80 per night, no. Defense is way too important and the coaching is by far best in the nation! Izzo, Painter, Weber, Crean, Tubby, Matha, Belein (sp?), Bo Ryan etc. Come tourney time there are always several teams in the Sweet 16 and at LEAST 1 in the Final Four...even in the "down years"

    Do NOT sleep on Minesota or Michigan. Heck even Northwestern and Penn St. can make the tourney.

    Big Ten is far too deep to be #5...I say #2. Over the next few years Big Ten is going to finally get the Nations respect (not just CBS's haha)

    Love your site!

  2. To be honest, I didn't realize how loaded the Big Ten was...I made this a couple of days before really looking at the NCAA Tournament picture and the top 25...and I have way more faith in the Big Ten getting 5-6 teams than the SEC -- and they are going to be right there with the Big East and ACC.