Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Non-BCS Top 25


As I’ve mentioned several times before on this site, I don’t like the term “mid-major” at all—there is too much gray area when people want to know which conferences and teams it is referring to. Therefore, when discussing the teams outside of the major conferences, I like to use the term “Non-BCS.” Yes, it’s a football term, but it’s much easier than calling the poll the “Every Conference but the Big Six Top 25.” As a result, this is what I have done. Every team and conference that is not the ACC, Big East, Big 12, Big Ten, Pac-10, and SEC is eligible for this poll. The easy way out? Sure. But there was certainly nothing easy about ranking the Top 25 teams outside the Big Six conferences.

1. Butler
2. Dayton
3. Siena
4. Tulsa
5. Northern Iowa
6. Gonzaga
7. Xavier
8. Memphis
9. BYU
10. Western Kentucky
11. VCU
12. Nevada
13. Creighton
14. Richmond
15. Utah State
16. Cornell
17. Portland
18. Akron
19. San Diego State
20. Houston
21. Nevada
22. Oakland
23. UTEP
24. Radford
25. La Salle

Others Considered: Southern Illinois, Duquesne, UNLV, Idaho, Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Wright State, Troy, Northeastern, Old Dominion, Illinois State, Buffalo, Morehead State, Charleston, Jacksonville, Long Beach State


  1. I'm glad to see that you have SDSU listed in your non-BCS top 25. This make me wonder, why does the website not list SDSU among the top 144 teams (but does list BYU, Utah, UNLV, New Mexico, TCU and Wyoming)?

  2. Either an oversight or a bad joke...where's Xavier?

  3. Huge oversight...I actually just noticed that right now when I was looking over it...I have no idea what happened

  4. you also have nevada 2 times in your top 25. new mexico? new mexico st?

  5. haha this is the biggest joke ranking I have ever seen. You said it was not easy for you to rank the top 25 outside BCS. But if you had done your homework maybe it would have been easy for you. Nevada 2 time? Maybe that's a typing error, but Old Dominion, Duquesne just mentioned? I mean look at Top 144,
    #48 (Old Dominion )
    #69 (Duquesne),
    And which teams are in your top 25?
    #145(San Diego State) ,
    #113 (Oakland),
    #80(UTEP)..etc ?????