Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Albuquerque Region First-Round Previews

Washington vs. Montana- The only game that will be a cakewalk for the Huskies. Not their prime chance to prove they deserved a #1 seed.

Pacific vs. Pitt- Neither of these teams should be in this game; both have the resumes to be higher. The perimeters are fairly equal, so the game will come down to the battle in the post. Chevy Troutman and Chris Taft will have their hands filled with Pacific's Guillaume Yango and Christian Maraker.

Georgia Tech vs. George Washington- This game is going to be awesome to watch. Both teams are athletic and like to run. GW has big men like Pops Mensah-Bonsu who have the agility to get around slow Luke Schenscher, but they can not really score in the halfcourt. Tech has the experience on their side and seem to be getting hot.

Louisville vs. UL-Lafayette- Louisville is not happy with a #4 seed and could take it out on Lafayette. Francisco Garcia against Tiras Wade will be a great match-up, although the Cardinals have more weapons to throw at the Ragin' Cajuns.

Texas Tech vs. UCLA- Both teams rely heavily on the backcourt and don't really thrive in the paint. Texas Tech has scorers all over the perimeter in Ronald Ross, Jarrious Jackson, and Martin Zeno. UCLA is lead by a group of freshman, including Jordan Farmar. Their go-to-guy is 6-7 Dijon Thompson.

Gonzaga vs. Winthrop- Tough game for Winthrop, who are talented enough to make a run at the Bulldogs. However, Gonzaga has too much in the post in Ronny Turiaf and JP Batista. The Eagles could keep it close for awhile, thanks to their 59 ppg-allowing stifling defense.

West Virginia vs. Creighton- They could just remove the whole 20 feet in front of the three-point line because most of the shots in this game will be taken from behind the arc. West Virginia looked good in the Big East tournament, and Kevin Pittsnogle is very tough to defend. Nate Funk is the main option for Creighton, and is also their best defender.

Wake Forest vs. Chattanooga- Wake has had some problems recently, mainly with their defense. They have an easy first round game to possibly work out the kinks.

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