Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Plumlee denies report, has not narrowed list

A report on the Asheville Citizen-Times website on Tuesday stated that 2011 prospect Marshall Plumlee had narrowed his list to three schools: Duke, North Carolina and Virginia.

However, Plumlee denied the report, saying he is still open and has not trimmed his possible destinations.

“At this time, I’m still evaluating schools with my family, no narrowed list yet,” Plumlee told me Tuesday afternoon.

Christ School (N.C.) head coach David Gaines was the one who gave the quote to the paper.

“I’m a little concerned about that report because, at this point, I haven’t made a public statement about my list nor authorized a statement by my coach,” Plumlee said. “As of right now, that report is false.”

When I spoke with Plumlee at the Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions in late May, he listed Notre Dame, Indiana, Minnesota, North Carolina State, Ohio State, Purdue, Michigan, Northwestern, Duke, Virginia, Florida and LSU. Reports indicate that North Carolina could offer him before the end of the summer.

Plumlee, a 7-foot forward who runs with Team Indiana Elite on the AAU circuit, is the younger brother of Mason and Miles Plumlee, who both play at Duke.


  1. Sounds like Plumlee is waiting for that UNC offer. Hard to narrow your list down to a school that doesn't want you.

    Son, what you need to learn is that Duke recruits players. Carolina SELECTS them.

    But you're not good enough to play for Carolina. Your older brothers can't even start for Duke. Get used to sitting on the bench, boy.

  2. Marshall Plumlee is going to Duke. He just spent a week there with his brothers. No chance he goes anywhere else. We own him. UNC can suck it. Virginia can suck it twice. You don't recruit against Duke. We just make you look stupid. Doesn't matter if he won't play -- it's better to sit on the bench at Duke then play at UNC or Uva. Book it.

  3. Tar Holes BLOW

    Plumlee to duke. FACT.

  4. Plumlee wouldn't even get a second look from Duke if his brothers weren't already there. He should get down on his knees and thank Coach K for the offer. Seriously. If this ungrateful little punk doesn't accept soon, Coach K should pull the offer just to teach him a lesson.


  5. I don't really care where he goes, I don't root for either Duke or UNC. But whoever said "You don't recruit against Duke" -- look at Harrison Barnes.

    With that said, I think he'll end up at Duke.