Thursday, March 30, 2006

Final Four Preview, Section Two

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Best Go-To-Guy
1. Jordan Farmar, UCLA: Ability to isolate himself and beat his defender off the dribble is crucial. Can create shots for himself or his teammates.
2. Glen Davis, LSU: Beast on the block can also hit the mid-range jumpshot. Moreover, he is surprising nimble for his size and can take opponents off the dribble.
3. Joakim Noah, Florida: Ridiculous all-around talent makes him difficult to stop. Can score with both his back to the basket and facing it. Also has good handle.
4. Jai Lewis, George Mason: Is very tough to stop once he gets the ball down low. Has a nice jump-hook and can score whenever he wants due to his size.

Best Three-Point Shooter
1. Lee Humphrey, Florida: One of the best shooters in the country has struggled the past three games. However, he is still shooting 46% from three.
2. Lamar Butler, George Mason: Was not overly effective at times during the regular season, but is shooting 50% in the NCAA Tournament from three.
3. Arron Afflalo, UCLA: More of a mid-range shooter, but most effective long-range bomber for Bruins. Size and athleticism allows him to get his shot off easily.
4. Darrell Mitchell, LSU: Shooting 40% this season, but only 7 for 22 in the NCAA Tournament. Has deep range and can hit the clutch jumper if needed.

Best Second Option
1. Arron Afflalo, UCLA: One of the best all-around players in the country. Can score in a variety of ways and is the premier mid-range player in America.
2. Darrell Mitchell, LSU: One of the more underrated players around, Mitchell was the best guard in the SEC. Can drive to the basket and shoot the three.
3. Lamar Butler, George Mason: Playing very well in the NCAA Tournament and shooting hot from three. A versatile scorer from inside and outside the arc.
4. Taurean Green, Florida: Somewhat inconsistent at times, but a very good player overall. Can shoot the three with efficiency and penetrate to create shots.

Best Coach
1. Ben Howland, UCLA: Prepares his team very well for any team they face. A plethora of injuries and lack of depth has not kept the Bruins from winning.
2. Jim Larranaga, George Mason: Has led this team to wins over some of the dominant programs in recent memory. Has put George Mason in nation's eye.
3. Billy Donovan, Florida: His teams usually underachieve in the Big Dance, but this year is different. He has molded a group of young kids into a title contender.
4. John Brady, LSU: Led a team that started three freshmen to an SEC title and a Final Four berth. Built upon the strong family bond already formed by the players.

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