Sunday, March 5, 2006

New Articles at SCS, Big 12, C-USA

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"Final Four Favorites? No, Just #1 Seeds": Identifies and breaks down each of the projected #1 seeds in the NCAA Tournament. Also briefly recaps the seasons thus far of all the teams and analyzes the profiles of each team to determine how strong of a top-seed they are. Additionally, it breaks down each team's chances of making the Final Four from the top of the region.

"Big 12 Season Recap and Awards": As one may infer from the title, it essentially breaks down the season that was in the Big 12. It gives an overview and a recap of the conference and discusses how parity played a huge role. I also look at the highs and lows of the conference, hand out some hardware, and identify the All-Big 12 teams.

"C-USA Game of the Week: Memphis at UAB": Breaks down and analyzes the Memphis-UAB game. Predicts the score and discusses what is going to be the difference in the game. Also includes observations on the recent happenings in Conference-USA as well as the NCAA Tournament hopes for a couple of the teams with a remote shot at a bid.

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