Monday, March 13, 2006

Top 20 Three-Point Shooters


Going towards a national championship, a team is going to hit some obstacles. Having a long-distance gunner lessens some of those roadblocks. If a team zones you, the shooter takes it away by shooting right over the top of it. Plus, a consistent player that can hit the three enables you to make up points in a hurry. Here are 20 of the best long-range shooters in the land:

Only one player per team is on the list.

1. J.J Redick, Duke
2. Chris Lofton, Tennessee
3. Steve Novak, Marquette
4. Lee Humphrey, Florida
5. Marshall Strickland, Indiana
6. Josh Goodwin, Belmont
7. Jaycee Carroll, Utah State
8. Rashad Anderson, Connecticut
9. Wes Miller, North Carolina
10. Sean Ogirri, Wichita State
11. Michael Neal, Oklahoma
12. Kevin Criswell, Montana
13. Brandon Rush, Kansas
14. Ken Tutt, Oral Roberts
15. Allan Ray, Villanova
16. Brandon Heath, San Diego State
17. Mike Gansey, West Virginia
18. Richard Law, South Alabama
19. Steve Burtt, Iona
20. Ryan Appleby, Washington

Worth mentioning: Je'Kel Foster, Ohio State-Normally, one of the top three-pointers in the country, but has only gone 9 for 62 (14.5%) over the last nine games (6.7 ppg).

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  1. How is Andy Rautins from Syracuse not on this list?