Monday, March 20, 2006

Odds and Ends

Starting tomorrow, I will have a complete Sweet Sixteen preview, broken down region-by-region. It will include players to watch, favorites and sleepers, and much more.

Also, how is everyone's bracket doing? If you use the typical one point for each first round win and two points for each second-round victory, I would have 44 points. Not bad, but not good by any means. How is everyone else's doing?


  1. My bracket could be better, but I can't complain. I have 12 of 16 Sweet 16 teams right, and only lost 1 Elite 8 team, and no Final 4 teams. If Georgetown and LSU upset Duke and Florida, I'll be sitting pretty.

  2. You're gay. Really gay! Congrats

  3. Nevada losing in the first round killed me. I had them and Duke in the finals.

    I also had the Airforce and North C. upset me. So as of today i rank 10 out of 10 in my pool. Ohhh well!

  4. Love your blog Jeff. I've got 43 points 7 out of 8 elite-8 remaining. What will kill me is I have UCLA going to the final and I think there inexperience will show here this next few games. I do think they will beat the zags-because of their strong defense.

    Good luck Keep blogging!

  5. some interesting posts...leaning haevily toward the Villernova squad, like their guts and still have enough inside (sheridian +others) to get it done--Duke gone tonight, it's been nice watching JJ, but can't carry the water any longer--Yeah Uconn should skate, love Marcus W., his St Anthony roots show!--Everyone is off ucla now, so i'm on them, they get there.

  6. i concur with anonymous--that guy has foresight

  7. Championship are narrowed down to the Final 2. Florida Gators & the UCLA Bruins will face off for the Final Game and the Championship on Monday night.

    How are your bracket picks holding up? Did you get the right combinations of favorites and upsets?

    The Sweet Sixteen was a Cinderella story following the 2nd round games. George Mason with an 11th seed start and Bradley with a 13 both made it through to the regionals and both faced higher seeded teams from their regions in the next round. GMU advanced to the Final 4 but didn't stand a chance against the shooting and rebounding skills of the Gators who move on to the Final.

    Bradley lost to #1 seed Memphis. There were many who questioned that generous placement for Memphis. They survived to earn a place in the Elite 8 but were eliminated by the hot ball handling of UCLA. LSU eliminated Texas to advance to the Final Four. UCLA playing against LSU in the semifinal on April 1 silenced all doubts about whether they have the stuff to win big. From the first moments of the game it was UCLA all the way...and on their way to face the Gators in the Final.

    This was the first Final Four since 1980 with no No. 1 seed and no team from the ACC or Big East. Whether allowing top players into the pros earlier or just plain improvement in the other conferences is the reason for this unexpected twist, it delivered a weekend of good basketball, even if it wasn't the edge of your seat OT battles that have made previous Final Four match ups so exciting. Who will be the winner? No one really has a good idea. The only thing that is certain is whoever takes the top place in this year's tourney, unless it's UCLA, will be a team no one thought was going to be in the Final 4...

    Good luck with your bracket picks! Check the printable bracket to see who was in the full list and to see the teams that made it through to the Final Championship Game...

    Remember back on Selection Sunday? The number 1 seeds in each bracket were no surprise and most experts were picking two of the top seeds to make it to the final. NONE of the number 1 teams are still alive.