Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Teams Most Likely to be Busts


When filling out your bracket, there are always those higher-seeded teams that are going to be upset early and ruin your predictions. It would be nice to know which clubs are the ones bowing out in the first couple of rounds. Teams that struggled down the stretch or have inflated records are prime examples of these types of busts. Here are the top five potentially overrated squads:

Tennessee- Lost four of their final six. Essentially one-dimensional, the Vols don't have consistent inside production. It will come back to hurt them.

Syracuse- People are high on them because of their Big East Tournament title. However, Gerry McNamara can only carry them so far. And it won't be that far.

Gonzaga- They struggled with mediocre West Coast Conference teams throughout the season. There are none of those teams in the NCAA Tournament.

Ohio State- If they aren't hitting their threes, they will go down early. Moreover, outside of Terence Dials, they lack post depth and talent.

West Virginia- Yes, I had them on the "sleepers" list, as well. That demonstrates how good and bad they can be as a result of their reliance on the three.

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