Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Site Update and Schedule

First of all, Happy Holidays to everyone -- I hope you all enjoyed the New Year.

Secondly, I wanted to give a few updates and notifications about the site. With 2011 kicking off, we only have about two and a half months left until Selection Sunday -- and things are already starting to heat up around the country. With that in mind, I've decided to let everyone know the content schedule around here. It is subject to change, but this is what it will be until February or so, when I start doing the Bubble Watch, projected brackets, "Road to Selection Sunday," etc. Anyway, here it is (of course, this is tentative and subject to change):

  • Sunday Night: Power Sweet Sixteen Rankings
  • Monday: The Week Ahead
  • Tuesday: CHN Player of the Week
  • Wednesday: NCAA Tournament Stock Report
  • Thursday: Alternating stories about various things
  • Friday: Weekend Preview

Of course, don't forget about my Daily Predictions every evening. Furthermore, I will be continue to write stories and columns for FOXSports.com and the NBE Basketball Report, so I will definitely post links to those works as they appear.

As always, thank you for visiting Busting the Bracket, and continue to do so in 2011!

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